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July 16, 1906 - April 28, 2001

From the Louisville Courier-Journal
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Oh, my children, where are we going on this mighty river of earth?"

Bibliography of Works

Recent publications:
James Still: Critical Essays on the Dean of Appalachian Literature edited by Ted Olson and Kathy H. Olson. Jefferson, N.C: McFarland, 2007
James Still in Interviews, Oral Histories and Memoirs edited by Ted Olson. Jefferson, N.C: McFarland, 2008.

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Critical and Biographical Sources

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"Daring to Look in the Well": A Conversation Between James Still and Jim Wayne Miller
Adventures in Central America
Advice to Would-Be Writers
"Menfolks Are Heathens": Cruelty in James Still's Short Stories by Fred Chappell
"The Stir-Off"
Mining Towns
Color Symbolism
James Still's Poetry: "The Journey a Worldly Wonder"by Jeff Daniel Marion
Appalachian Literature: At Home in This World by Jim Wayne Miller
Myths and Tales
Sacred and Secular History
James Still's Works
River of Earth
Journey Motif
"The Nest"
"Mrs. Razor"
Jack and the Wonder Bean
"Sharp Tack"
A James Still Bibliography by Terry Cornett

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