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Welcome to my rudimentary webpage! I currently serve as Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Colorado State University - Pueblo, since early August 2009 (with time off while serving as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, December 2011 through July 2013). I also serve as Acting Director of Institutional Research and Analysis. On the one hand it seems like I've been at CSU-Pueblo a long time; but on the other hand, sometimes I feel like I am just getting my feet wet. This is a test personal page that covers my mathematics and teaching interests (so it is not the "Message from the Dean" webpage).

CSU-Pueblo course materials:
I have taught College Algebra (Math 121) and Applied Calculus (Math 221) since joining CSU-Pueblo. I also have worked with a few brave students who plan to take the Putnam Exam. I posted material for my spring and fall 2010 classes (Applied Calculus: an intuitive approach) on Blackboard, not on this page. Material for other courses may well appear here in the future. For now, here are my first attempts at embedding some youtube videos uploaded from my flip camera, for Math 221, based on questions from fall 2010 Math 221 students (I used youtube more prolifically in fall 2011, but those were more coures-specific, e.g. filmed review sessions):


This one, below, computes the derivative of f(x)=1/x from the definition as part of a longer problem

I started posting videos of my out-of-class review sessions on youtube in fall 2011, and students seemed to really appreciate them - whether they attended the review session or not, students checked out the videos - so I plan to do more of that.

Research and related scholarly activity materials:
--Most of my articles are available here.
--Proofs of theorems 2 and 3 and other supplementary materials for "Taylor's theorem: the elusive c is not so elusive" - the article appeared in the College Mathematics Journal in May 2010 - are located here.
--Other research-related material has begun migrating from my old homepage at Texas A&M University - Commerce (where I most recently served as Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics - the link just given might even be inactive). For instance, I am gradually relocating the Stieltjes-related material from the Texas site to this Colorado site. Note that email sent to kremin@boisdarc.tamu-commerce.edu or Richard_Kreminski@tamu-commerce.edu , as cited in some previous articles for Rick or Richard Kreminski, will no longer reach a valid email account.

"Recent" talks:
Some information about 'recent' talks (since coming to Colorado) is available here.

Contact information:
    719.549.2340 (office)     719.549.2732 (fax)
    Life Sciences 106
    College of Science and Mathematics
    Colorado State University - Pueblo
    2200 Bonforte Boulevard
    Pueblo, Colorado 81001-4901

(And the Institutional Research office phone is 719.549.2110.)

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