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Peter J. Billington, Ph.D.

MarTec Professor of Operations Management

(what's a MarTec Professor?)

Lecture notes, PowerPoint slides and other material for all courses now posted on Blackboard accounts.


Book adoption information:  for all courses, you can find the textbooks (and ISBN numbers) in the CSU-Pueblo bookstore site


On Campus Courses - Spring 2013 - on sabbatical


Independent Study Courses through CSU - Pueblo Continuing Education

            l   MGMT 311 - Operations Management

All materials will be posted to Blackboard.

See instructions on the syllabus or below to see how to logon.

            l   MGMT 362 - Purchasing and Materials Management (offered in Spring and Summer only)

            l   MGMT 460 - Operations Strategy (offered in the Summer and Fall only)


On Campus Courses - Fall 2013 - tentative schedule

            l  MGMT 311 Operations Management - Heizer and Render OM - but the exact edition is not yet known


            l  MGMT 511 Operations Management - MBA - books may be (but do not buy until known for sure):

The 3rd edition OM the Core by Jacobs.

The Goal, by Goldratt  ISBN 978-0-88427-178-9

All I need to know... by Miller et al ISBN 978-0-9630439-3-1


On Campus Courses - Spring 2014 - very tentative schedule:

            l  MGMT 311 Operations Management - The CSU-Pueblo Custom version of Heizer and Render is the adopted book for this

course.  The bookstore has new and used copies available. 

Also: Student Value Edition 10th of

Heizer and Render noted on the bookstore web site (see instructions above) is also good.  ISBN 978-0-13-612091-9

The 9th edition hardcover full version will also work ISBN 978-0-13-812878-4 but is more expensive

 is also acceptable and may be available used in the bookstore.

l  MGMT 468 Quality Management - books:  An Introduction to Six Sigma by Evans and Lindsay ISBN 0324300751 and

High Powered Teams, A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Student Team by Merida Johns, ISBN 978140313649

          l  MGMT 591 Productive creative leadership - book list and course information - click here for a pdf file

for the books required. 


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This link may not work while the transfer is in progress.  New version on line about January 4


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    Currently reading:

        l   Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  Great techniques to improve personal


        l   The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz - set high goals.

        l    Upgrade Your Life by Gina Trapani - more tech tricks to turbocharge your day.  Lots of clever

               things here.   Lifehacker web site is worth a visit.



      Recently completed:

        l    Lifehacker by Gina Trapani - 88 tech tricks to turbocharge your day.  Lots of clever

               things here. 

        l    Innumeracy:  Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences by John Allen Paulos.  (2008)   

        l    It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden - ad exec

               classic book on innovation and motivation. (2007)

        l    The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss - sounds good but can it really be done? (2007)

        l     A Technique for Producing Ideas - James Webb Young - quick read on innovation (2007)

        l   How to Make Millions in Real Estate … Starting with No Cash by Tyler Hicks.

               Trying to figure out how to reach The Number in real estate. (2007)

        l   The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman - globalization due to information speed

                will reshape the world.  (2007)

        l   The Number by Lee Eisenberg - how much money needed to retire?  That's the number,

              but it's probably a whole lot more than you thought. (2006)


      Recently studied - lean and 6 sigma books:

        l   Six Sigma Work Book for Dummies by Craig Gygi et al - good examples.

        l   Value Stream Management - 8 Steps to Planning, Mapping and Sustaining Lean Improvements

              by Don Tapping et al - great intro to lean

        l   Mapping Work Processes by Dianne Galloway - Excellent intro to process mapping.

        l   Andy & Me by Pascal Dennis - good intro to lean - fictional format similar to The Goal 

        l   Lean Six Sigma by Michael George - good intro to the combination of lean and 6 sigma


      Recently attended:

        l   Wicked on Broadway - funny musical back-story of how the wicked witch of the west and    

               the good witch were friends in college! 

        l   Spamalot on Broadway - totally whacked out musical comedy adapted from Monty

               Python film In Search of the Holy Grail

        l   More

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        l   Ph.D., Operations Management, Cornell University

        l   M.S.,  Cornell University

        l   M.B.A., Northeastern University

        l   B.S. Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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    Awards, Honors

        l   2007 - ASQ C SSGB - American Society for Quality Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

        l   2007, 2004, 1999, 1996 - Hasan School of Business Outstanding Faculty Member

        l   1996 - The International Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

        l   1991 - Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Colorado State University - Pueblo

        l   1990 to present - MarTec Professor of Management - CSU - Pueblo

        l   1989 - APICS - CPIM - Certified in Production and Inventory Management

        l   1983 - 1985 - Joseph G. Reisman Research Professor - Northeastern University

        l   1977 - Beta Gamma Sigma - Business Honor Society - Northeastern University

        l   1969 - Eta Kappa Nu - Electrical Engineering Honor Society - WPI

        l   1969 - Pi Mu Epsilon - Mathematics Honor Society - WPI


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    Interests - Scholarship

        l   Puzzles based learning

        l   Six Sigma

        l   Lean 

        l   Lean Six Sigma

        l   Business School Mission Statements

        l   Innovative Education techniques - editor of Business Education Innovation Journal

        l   Online Course Evaluation methods

        l   Quality Management

        l   Operations Management pedagogy, particularly games and activities

        l    Production planning and inventory control

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    Scholarly Activities - see full Vita for complete list

        Current Work in Progress:

            l "Analysis of the Benefits of Supplemental Quantitative Software in the 

                   Operations Management Course."  Rewrite in progress.

            l  “Learning to See Joe’s Garage:  Advanced Lean Analysis and 

                   Management Concepts” with Michael Wakefield; paper in progress.

        Articles and books on operations management and quality topics.  Recent work:

            l    “Impact of Student Attendance on Course Grades.” 

                  The Journal of American Academy of Business, Vol. 12, No. 2, March 2008.

            l    "An Investigation of Business Schools' On-Line Mission Statement Accessibility,"

                  co-authored with Michael Wakefield, The Business Review, Cambridge, Vol. 6, No.1         

                  (December, 2006),  pp. 409-415.  

            l Production Planning and Inventory Control, 2nd ed., with S. Narasimhan, 

                  1995, Prentice Hall. 

            l    Lean 6 Sigma Accelerator, contributing author, 2004, Human Capital 

                  Associates, LLC.

            l   A Classroom Exercise to Illustrate Lean Manufacturing Pull Concepts,” 

                  Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. Vol. 2, No. 1, 

                  Spring 2004. Pp 71-76.

            l “Six Sigma:  Quality Performance” co-authored with Maryann Billington. 

                  Chief Learning Officer.  Vol. 2, Issue 4 (July 2003), pp. 20-25.  

            l    "Holding Cost Reduction in the EOQ Model," The Journal of American 

                  Academy of Business, Cambridge, Vol. 3, No.1  (September, 2003), 

                  pp. 409-415.  

        Presentations. Recent:

            l Transitioning to an On-Line Course Evaluation Process,"

                  with a number of colleagues, Western Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting,

                  Kauai, April 2009.

            l Student Class Attendance and Course Grades,"

                  Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting,

                  Baltimore, November 2008.

            l Comparison of AACSB and ACBSP Business School On-Line Mission Statements,"

                  with Michael Wakefield, presentation, Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting,

                  Phoenix, November 2007.

            l “Teaching 6 Sigma Using a Catapult,” presentation,

                  Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting, San Antonio, November 2006.

            l “Analysis of On-line Business School Mission Statements,” presentation,

                  Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting, San Francisco, November 2005.

            l “Learning to See Joe’s Garage:  Advanced Lean Analysis and 

                  Management Concepts” with Michael Wakefield; presentation, Decision 

                  Sciences Institute annual meeting, Boston, November 2004.  Faculty, please

                  email if you want to receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

            l  Use of Mastery Software in the Undergraduate Operations Management 

                   Course,” presentation, Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting, 

                   Washington, D.C., November 2003.

            l  “A Classroom Exercise to Illustrate Lean Manufacturing Pull Concepts,” 

                   presentation, Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting, San Diego. 

                   November 2002

            l     More

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    Current Committee Assignments

        l   Personnel Review Committee - HSB

        l   Ad Hoc online course evaluation committee - CSU-Pueblo

        l   More

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    Recent Travel 


 2012,  2011

            l   Salt Lake City - older son and his wife live there

            l   Sherman Oaks, CA - younger son lives there - check out his web site Firstshowing.net

            l   Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands



            l   Lihue, Kauai, conference, presentations

            l   Salt Lake City - older son lives there

            l   Sherman Oaks, CA - younger son lives there - check out his web site Firstshowing.net

            l   Shanghai, China - business and tourist

            l   Kennewick, WA - toured Hanford nuclear waste cleanup site

            l   San Diego - conference



            l   Lihue, Kauai, WDSI annual meeting, presentation

            l   Salt Lake City

            l   Boston - visit friends and relatives, attend 2 Red Sox games



            l   China - Beijing, Guilin, Li River, YangShuo, Guangzhou, Hong Kong

            l   Baltimore, DSI national meeting, presentations

            l   NJ and NYC  - wedding

            l   Salt Lake City



            l   Salt Lake City - son lives there - watch ski competition at Snowbird

            l   Grand Lake, CO - wedding

            l   Maui - vacation

            l   Phoenix - DSI national meeting, presentation

            l   Germany and Poland - tour - traveling with our German friends the Giese's

            l   Copenhagen - tour

            l   Durango and Keystone, CO - leisure activities

            l   Florida - nephew's wedding



            l   Yinchuan and Beijing, China - present lectures at Ningxia University - link to pix

            l   San Antonio - DSI national meeting, presentation

            l   Salt Lake City - son Drew lives there

            l   Cody, Wy - attended friends son's wedding

            l   Pittsburg - Carnegie-Mellon University - son Alex was a student there

            l   Portland, OR - short vacation

            l   Seattle, WA - short vacation

            l   Durango, CO - vacation

            l   Telluride, CO - watch son Drew compete in Freeskiing competition

            l   Keystone, CO - ski winter; summer vacation


            l   San Francisco - DSI national meeting, presentation, chair sessions

            l   Worcester, MA - WPI reunion

            l   Salt Lake City - helped son Drew move there

            l   Edinburgh and Scotland - carried Maryann's bags and tried to find Loch Ness monster

                    (no such luck)  See pictures at this link

            l   Pittsburg and New York City - son Alex moving to NYC for summer internship

            l   Amsterdam and The Hague - checked out windmills and tulips - see pictures

            l   Tucson - conference, golf

            l   Durango - second home


            l   Phoenix - conference, golf

            l   Boston  - DSI national meeting, presentation

            l   Pittsburg - Carnegie-Mellon University - son Alex is a student there

            l   New York City - brother-in-law Joe's surprise birthday party

            l   San Francisco - fun with our German friends the Giese's after

                    son Alex's high school graduation

            l   San Diego - conference, golf

                   Previous Years

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    Interests - for fun

        l   Golf

        l   Downhill skiing

        l   Photography

        l   Travel

        l   Bicycling

        l   DIY tinkering (Maryann says I like breaking things)


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