Helen M. Caprioglio, Ph.D.Link to Colorado State University-Pueblo Home Page

Associate Professor of Biology



B.S. Microbiology, Oregon State University
M.S. Microbiology, Oregon State University
Ph.D. Microbiology,North Carolina State University


Office: LS226
Phone:(719) 549-2815
FAX: (719) 549-2993
E-Mail: helen.caprioglio@colostate-pueblo.edu



Biol 171- Career Planning
Biol 212- Introduction to Cell Biology
Biol 212L- Introduction to Cell Biology Laboratory
Biol 412- Cell Biology
Biol 412L- Cell Biology Laboratory-Link to Fluorescence Microscope images
Biol 552/L- Advanced Microscopy/Lab

Research Interests

Cell Biology of cell surface interactions with the extracellular environment. Studies have included investigations of yeast membrane composition and ethanol tolerance, and of vascular smooth muscle extracellular matrix molecules and their structural and functional roles in cardiovascular disease. Also studies of acid phosphatase and cellulase enzyme activities in Penicillium species. Currently studying antibiotic resistance patterns in hospital isolates and CD147 function in endothelial cells.

Links to Organizations

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Link to American Society for Microbiology
Link to Endocrine Society
Link to National Association of Biology Teachers
Link to Tri-Beta Society